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2014-01-09 09:36 pm
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Backtagging: Definitely!
Threadhopping: Sure.
Fourthwalling: For comedic effect in cracky or OOC situations sure; otherwise I'd prefer not.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing comes to mind. Lay it on me~

Hugging this character: Cool.
Kissing this character: Cool.
Flirting with this character: Go for it.
Fighting with this character: Certainly. She's a regular skinny human girl- but damn if the isn't enthusiastic when it comes to kicking ass.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): No problem; but if it goes as far as gore, just notify me first.
Killing this character: Fine with me, though again- I'd like to be notified first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Given how she runs off at the mouth, this probably isn't anything that someone would ever need or want to do- but sure.
Warnings: Libby is VERY foul-mouthed and lacks a filter. She uses a plethora of slurs in her speech (sexist, homophobic, all-around ignorant)- that will probably offend you. If you'd prefer not to be tagged by her, it's cool- just let me know. She can be both unhinged and impulsive- especially when riled up (or, conversely, feeling particularly bored.)